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Bad Blogger

November 18, 2013

That’s the blogger award I am giving myself.  I find it so easy to put the things I enjoy doing to the side when life happens.  Getting busy with everybody and everything else, and that’s the reason I didn’t blog for two weeks.  But I will say: my house is clean, my daughter’s closet has been sorted through, old clothes have been brought to the Salvation army and……the list goes on!

I did take my boys out last week and got some pictures of them with their new neck warmers and mittens, the ones that go with their hats from last year.


The neck warmers are very simple, knit in ribbing in the round and I made them long enough to reach up to the ears when needed.

Thor took this picture of his brother:


Both the hats and the neck warmers and knit in one size.  At first I thought I would make in two different sizes but I find that they fit both boys really well, and this way it will sort of grow with them…….which I always love because then I don’t have to knit another of the same again in a couple of years………..unless of course something gets lost………knock on wood….

And because Thor took a picture Othinn also had to take some of his brother:


Nothing more to be said about that one:)

At first I was unsure if I should make a bib at the bottom of the neck warmer……I of course will never tell my boys that I call it a bib or they might decide never to were these again…….but I figured it would serve it’s purpose better if it had one, simply because neither one of my sons like to have their jackets zippered all the way up, so a bib will help keep their chest covered up.


There is one in the back as well, just shorter.

When we first got to the park I wanted to take some pictures of Thor first with his new mittens.  Othinn wasn’t too happy to have to wait, but soon got distracted my all the beautiful leaves and branches lying around.  With in five minutes here’s what happened:


So…..yeah, I only got to take pictures of him with one mitten.  We did rescue this one though, we managed to reach it with a long stick and then scooped it up out of the pond………..along with some duck poop I’m sure.


They didn’t want their mittens the same, actually Othinn just wanted fingerleess gloves while Thor has always wanted me to knit him a pair that gave him options.  The fingerless are great for this time of year, and when it gets really cold, let alone if it ever snows, these will be perfect under another pair to keep him extra warm and cozy.  The plan is to knit Thor a pair of these as well……one of these days!


It was important to me that the thumbs could also be freed, it just made more sense that he could get all his fingers out and about when needed.  But I didn’t want there to be an awkward “hole” on the thumb that stayed open.  To keep that from happening I knit a short ribbing that I sewed into the sides.  My worry was that it would become too bulky in that area but it actually worked out great.

And here they are, my two little boys who just keep getting bigger and bigger, and before I know it, they will be taller than me……….man that makes me feel old!


The yarn I used for this set it Kambgarn, one of my favorites.  It is soft and warm, but I did hold it double to make it bulkier and even warmer.  I want to make more of these in different colors for them, it’s always good to have extra around in case something gets lost!

Next I will show you my lopi sweater………..yes, I finished it!  Until then,

Knit Away!


No knitting

November 4, 2013

Getting a lot of knitting done this past weekend was my big plan, a plan that I couldn’t follow through with.  After both my boys being sick last week, it was my turn, yay!  But I got as must rest as possible and today I feel much better, but….there is no new knitting to blog about.  Instead I thought I’d post pictures of the cakes that I have baked in the past months while not blogging.

The first one is Othinn’s birthday cake from April, he turned four and wanted a robot cake:


I wanted to make a retro looking robot and initially he was supposed to stand, so glad I didn’t attempt that, it would likely have been a complete disaster!  After putting everything together I painted the whole cake with apricot syrup to make it shiny……it looks so sticky I may have put a ”bit” too much, but it tasted good so no harm done.

Last spring two of my daughter’s friends had birthdays.  I made them each cakes for her to bring to school and give to them during their lunch.  First one:

2013-05-10 06.58.07


A make-up kit because her friend is really into that sort of thing. It was much simpler to do than I had thought at first, very simple but still fun to make.

And the second one:

2013-06-11 23.53.06

My daughter told me her friend likes all things Mexican, so could I please make a cake that represented that.  After looking at all these awesome cakes online with a Mexican theme I decided on these taco cakes.  They were a lot of fun to make and I wrapped each one up individually to make it easy for her to share them.

I used store-bought cookie dough for the shells, it was a little tricky to keep them from braking as I was stuffing them, but only a couple of them ended up braking and I had made plenty of shells just in case.

For the filling I used chocolate cake that I sliced in small enough pieces to fit inside the shells, white icing as sour cream, starburst cut into shreds as shredded cheese and green and red candy tor lettuce and tomatoes.  I would love to make these again some time, they were fun to make and eat!

Then there was Jasmin’s birthday in August.  I made one cake for the family:

2013-08-21 12.02.18


Large hoodies are one of her favorite things to wear and her favorite singer (Ed Sheeran) likes to put paw prints on everything (his guitars to name a few things), that’s why I went with the paw print on the front.  This one was much easier to do than I had anticipated, the hardest part was making the hood, it did get a little torn but I was able to cover that up for so it wasn’t too obvious.

And then during the evening she celebrated with her friend who has a birthday on the same day.  Here’s what I came up with for them:

2013-08-21 18.08.54


It’s the two of them shopping at the mall.  This was my first time making figures with fondant………..I just don’t know how people get them looking all perfect and smooth!  It really is hard!  As they were drying and getting hard they started drooping, their heads and torsos slumped forward and to the sides……quite the challenge I’ll tell you!

In the background is a coffee shop:

2013-08-21 18.08.47


And a clothing store:

2013-08-21 22.02.15


My boys made the shopping bags, love my little helpers!

And the last one a cake I just made last week for a new friend and the new school (yes, she just started high school!!…..part of me wants to cry!) :



My daughter asked me to make an elephant cake because her friend loves them.  I didn’t want to attempt anything too difficult, like making it the shape of and elephant.  So I went with simple and cute.

I know that my cakes do not look professionally made.  i look at the beautiful cakes the cake artist make and they are just out of this world!  Mine do not compare, and I don’t even care!  Actually I kind of like that they look home-made.  I love baking and it’s fun to come up with ideas of new cakes.  And I like to keep it that way, a fun and relaxing hobby.  All I really care about is that they taste good and that my kids are happy with them.  And they always are happy and they encourage me and my boys like to help 🙂

Well, that’s it for now, I hope you have all been getting lots of knitting done and that I’ll find time to get my needles clicking!

Knit Away!




Running out of time

October 31, 2013

This past spring I knit a few things for my best friends new baby boy……he is so cute that I can smell that delicious baby smell right through the photos I see of him ( she is all the way back home in Iceland…… 😦 )

Because I have way more yarn than any person could possibly need….won’t last me a life time or anything, so not that bad!……I decided to pick something I already had and make this special boy a sweater or two……..and maybe a hat…..and some booties.

The first sweater I made him was a striped cotton number:

2013-05-11 15.03.34

This one is really just very simple, I think what makes it are the buttons, they are too adorable.  I used baby cotton, definitely not my favorite yarn for endless stocking stitch.  It turned out a bit uneven and, yeah, well, I saw him in it and he made it work………..that kid is so cute I bet he could make anything look good!

Second one:

2013-05-09 19.39.46

For this one I used Fable by dropdesign that I bought years ago.  I meant to use it for my youngest son but then ran out of time because he just kept on growing and in the end I didn’t have enough yarn for his size.  But having it in my stash came in handy so it’s all good.

I really love this cardigan, it’s perfect for a little gentleman.  That type of collar is one of my favorites too, there is just something so cozy and……….I don’t know, gentlemanly about it!  And I was so lucky to find buttons that fit so perfectly!  I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for when I went button hunting, but there they were, the perfect shade of blue that goes so well with the colors in the yarn (they don’t look that great on this picture but they really are cute).

And the last one is a hat:

2013-05-09 19.43.02

This yarn is also Fable from dropdesign, I really like how it knits up, gives a pretty self striping pattern.  I made my youngest son the exact same hat when he was a baby and loved it so much that I knew I had to make this little man one too.  It wears very well, really covers their ears and it seems to just grow with them….which is perfect when you knit for fast growing babies!

I would love to make him another sweater, he is now 5 months so I’m thinking I should probably make it for 12 months.  Maybe I’ll come up with my own pattern, we’ll see, there are so many awesome baby patterns out there……..decisions decisions!

But before I start another project for that little man I’m going to finish some of the things I’ve got planned for now, like the mittens for my boys.  I’m actually done with one and a 1/2 and am hoping I’ll be able to finish tomorrow and maybe take photos on Sunday……I may be a bit too optimistic but, it’s good to set goals……right??

Then there is the Lopi sweater that I want to finish, hopefully I can pick that up again this weekend………….crossing my fingers!  Wish me good luck……..please!

If only I had more time, that is all I need, more time to knit so I can get more things done!  I always feel like I’m falling behind because there are so many ideas that I want to follow through with and…….time just keeps passing and it’s driving me nuts!  I’m going to stop complaining and start knitting…..

Knit Away!


ps. please excuse the photos, they were all taken on my cell phone…

pps. I did knit him little booties but, as you can see I knit in the car, and everywhere else I go, and I lost one!!  So sad cause I had finished both of them and all I had to do was sew the second one together……….there was not enough yarn left over to knit up another one…..

Off to see grandma

October 28, 2013

A few years ago, actually (wow how time flies), quite a few years ago………don’t even want to go into that, am in a bit of a shock right now, I could have sworn it was just last year………well, any way…..

I knit my beautiful Bella a cape, it is red ( she still has it) and I made it with recycled yarn left overs from a sweater I knit.  I think it was some sort of cotton blend.  I always wanted to make another one in Icelandic lett lopi ( lopi light) and I managed to do that recently.


I just LOVE that color, such a beautiful, true and vibrant red.  And the light, it was so perfect when I went out today.   I wished I had a  bunch of other knitted items to take pictures of, everything looked so crisp and the colors popped,  just beautiful!


Hoods, I love them so much I can’t even leave them off the dog sweaters I knit.  I’m not sure what it is about them, they’re just so darn cozy and not to mention fun to knit……simple as that!  I mean just look at that face, doesn’t she look warm and cozy?!

There are people out there who feel it is ridiculous to dress dogs, they have fur you know, duh!  Well, I have hair and I still put a hat on, so duh right back at you!  My dogs get cold, so they get sweaters to wear, and since I’m making them I might as well make them completely adorable, right?!

I will admit that Bella wasn’t a fan of my sweaters.  The first few times I put them on she refused to move and just stood there like a log.  But she is also not a fan of cold weather or rain and she  hates snow .  But she doesn’t mind the sweaters now and she was actually a pretty good model for me today.

I did get a lot of these shots though:


I mean, cute and all, but, just not what I was looking for….you know.  But my daughter came with us and helped me distract Bella so she stopped following me around and I was able to get pictures of her at different angles….thank goodness for my “little” helpers!  Love them!


Seeing her run around in it today I decided that I will add a belt just behind her front legs.  Just to keep the cape from flapping up and down when she runs around.  It will keep her warmer too and probably more comfortable.

One thing I learned during the process of knitting this cape is that I suck at working short rows in the round, so much so that I put that whole idea to the side and knit that part of it back and forth.

My second turn always shows, I have tried a gazillion different short row methods and……….I gave up!  If I’m using a pattern that will hide the ugly part it’s ok, but plain old stocking stitch, forget about it!

I would love to hear from somebody who has figured this out and wants to share their knowledge with me! (pretty please!)

As far as the neck warmer I showed you in my last post, I finished it and knit up another, the second one is drying right now.  I think tomorrow I’ll start a pair of mittens to go with their sets……these small, quick and simple knits….pure joy!

Have a beautiful day and……

……Knit Away!


October 25, 2013

When I pulled out my still in process knits for my last post, I decided not to put them away, to just keep them around, that way I am more likely to get to them when I have spare time.  And last night during a skype meeting with my dear friend Kristin ( :0) ), I grabbed the neck warmer I started last spring for my son and got a lot done………………then I tried it on him and decided I didn’t like it and ripped most of it out………but that’s beside the point, really.  It felt so nice just to sit there and chat and knit stitch after stitch.

It’s a small project and a quick knit, so just before I went to sleep (already in bed) I ripped it up quick and made the changes I wanted to make.  Here’s what I got done so far:


It isn’t much of a progress I guess, but then again this is a small project and compared to what’s left I did get a whole bunch done, and that’s that!

I used one of my favorite yarns, Kambgarn.  It’s nice and warm and soft, I’m holding it double, as I did with the matching hat.  When this one is done I plan to make another for my younger son as well.

Then, last night  I remembered that, well………I had also knit up two more of these hats cause my boys really liked them……but I made them late in the winter and there was no real need for them so I never looked for visors to sew in.  But technically, since I finished knitting them and putting away ends and all that is left is sewing those visors in………’s not really a wip, is it?……….is it really?…….o man, and I had completely forgot about them when I went looking (not really looking cause I knew where they were all along) for my unfinished knits earlier this week.  The problem is, I have no idea where I stashed these other hats……I’m off to go looking for them!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get lots of knitting done!

Knit Away!

WIP (when in Paris??)

October 23, 2013

I see a lot of people talking about their wip (work in progress) or their ufo (unfinished object), and it’s usually mentioned as some sorta problem, like they  HAVE GOT to finish or……….or else I don’t know.  But every time I think to myself: “well, I have a few unfinished knits, but so what?  I don’t have a problem…….do I?”

It got me to make a mental list of things I haven’t finished………yet.  And I also thought of the reasons why, why are they still on the needles, why are they not done?  Another question is, do we HAVE TO finish everything we start knitting?

There are different reasons for why I start a project.  Somebody might need a hat.  Sometimes an idea for something fantastic comes to me.  Sometimes a yarn speaks to me.  And sometimes, sometimes I just really want to knit, and so I start.  And it soothes me and makes me happy and it ignites my mind and fills it with great ideas.  Because sometimes, just knitting, mindless unplanned knitting takes me places……sounds dramatic, I know, but it’s the truth.

I went looking for my unfinished knits, wasn’t hard to find actually…..hadn’t stuffed them too far or in too weird a places.

The first one up is an Icelandic wool sweater.  Years and years ago, my aunt came to visit and she brought enough yarn for 3 sweaters plus a book with beautiful patterns.  I can’t remember the name of the pattern I chose for myself and I can’t remember why I didn’t finish it.  All that is left to do is cut up the middle, knit one button border and sew it together, and voila, I’ll have my first Icelandic wool sweater ever! (I have knit them before, just not for myself) .   I think I may have put it aside to hurry up and knit my kids sweaters, I’m sure I meant to get back to this one right after….



Then there is this, this…..well so far it’s nothing but a tube knit in the round.  This one I started this summer, I wanted to try out this yarn (the name escapes me at this moment) and I wanted to try out this pattern.  As I was playing with it, mindlessly knitting with no set plan, these ideas of a fun sweater begun to pop up, so I kept knitting and more ideas came to me.  I did not have enough yarn to make this into a sweater, plus what I had in mind wouldn’t work with what I had knit so far.  But the point is, I enjoyed spending time knitting this piece and it gave me so many awesome ideas (and it made me just plain happy), so I would never consider it a waste of time, nor do I feel that I HAVE TO finish this particular piece or make it into anything.  I actually plan to rip it all out and use the yarn for something else.



And the third item, a neck warmer.  I made my boys a hat each last winter in this same grey tone, which I love by the way, and then closer to spring I figured I should make them neck warmers to go with them.  Now, the reason I didn’t finish this one yet is because it just got to warm and so I just put it away.  I never felt that I had something unfinished, to me knitting is a process that should be enjoyed and it’s better to put things away and leave them until you will enjoy knitting them again, be it a month or ten from then.




Of course there are times when we have a deadline, be it one we set for ourselves or not……I mean, who want’s to get a Christmas present in June… we may decide to just push through a project we might not be enjoying at the moment.  But in general I knit for the pure enjoyment of knitting and creating.  I like the whole process to be guilt free and enjoyable!  Now, who’s with me???

Have a beautiful day and

Knit away!

Roses for C

October 21, 2013

This little blanket is one of the few things I knit this past summer.


Months ago a lady who is involved with my son’s football league saw me knitting during practice and told me she would love a little hand knit blanked. She sings with her church choir and needed something just big enough to drape over her knees so that she could wear a skirt without giving people a peep show……….that would be quite scandalous wouldn’t it!  Oh my ;0)

Well, at the time I had too much on my plate and couldn’t add another thing but I always had it in the back of my head, kept thinking about how I wanted it structured, what kind of a pattern did I want to use.  The words that kept coming to me were simple and pretty, nothing overly complicated or dramatic looking.

The yarn was a given, I’ve had it in my stash for years, baby cotton from dale garn.  She wanted it made with yarn that wouldn’t have to be hand washed so the cotton was perfect, plus it it’s less fussy than wool and there for some how simpler in my opinion.

Going through my pattern books I kept coming back to this rose pattern.  It’s so pretty, rather simple but I thought it might look a little over whelming, but I went with it anyway and am happy with the results.


I have very mixed emotions about giving or selling my hand knits, I can’t quite pin point what it is.  I love to create with yarn and needles, but knitting is so much to me, it does so much for me.  It’s like reading a good book, I can get lost in it, forget things I don’t want to think about at that moment.  So much of me goes into it and then to just let it go…..I don’t know, I find it hard.  Kind of just like giving my baby away…….am I odd?  Or just plain crazy??!!  In general I don’t have a problem with giving, but I worry that people won’t love my knits as much as I do, won’t take care of them the way I would, won’t wear them with as much love and pride as I would…………yeah, maybe a little crazy……but I’m sure (kinda hoping actually) that there are more of you out there that feel that way cause that would make me feel a lot less……..nutty!

Have a beautiful day and knit away……..if you can find the time;)

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