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No knitting

November 4, 2013

Getting a lot of knitting done this past weekend was my big plan, a plan that I couldn’t follow through with.  After both my boys being sick last week, it was my turn, yay!  But I got as must rest as possible and today I feel much better, but….there is no new knitting to blog about.  Instead I thought I’d post pictures of the cakes that I have baked in the past months while not blogging.

The first one is Othinn’s birthday cake from April, he turned four and wanted a robot cake:


I wanted to make a retro looking robot and initially he was supposed to stand, so glad I didn’t attempt that, it would likely have been a complete disaster!  After putting everything together I painted the whole cake with apricot syrup to make it shiny……it looks so sticky I may have put a ”bit” too much, but it tasted good so no harm done.

Last spring two of my daughter’s friends had birthdays.  I made them each cakes for her to bring to school and give to them during their lunch.  First one:

2013-05-10 06.58.07


A make-up kit because her friend is really into that sort of thing. It was much simpler to do than I had thought at first, very simple but still fun to make.

And the second one:

2013-06-11 23.53.06

My daughter told me her friend likes all things Mexican, so could I please make a cake that represented that.  After looking at all these awesome cakes online with a Mexican theme I decided on these taco cakes.  They were a lot of fun to make and I wrapped each one up individually to make it easy for her to share them.

I used store-bought cookie dough for the shells, it was a little tricky to keep them from braking as I was stuffing them, but only a couple of them ended up braking and I had made plenty of shells just in case.

For the filling I used chocolate cake that I sliced in small enough pieces to fit inside the shells, white icing as sour cream, starburst cut into shreds as shredded cheese and green and red candy tor lettuce and tomatoes.  I would love to make these again some time, they were fun to make and eat!

Then there was Jasmin’s birthday in August.  I made one cake for the family:

2013-08-21 12.02.18


Large hoodies are one of her favorite things to wear and her favorite singer (Ed Sheeran) likes to put paw prints on everything (his guitars to name a few things), that’s why I went with the paw print on the front.  This one was much easier to do than I had anticipated, the hardest part was making the hood, it did get a little torn but I was able to cover that up for so it wasn’t too obvious.

And then during the evening she celebrated with her friend who has a birthday on the same day.  Here’s what I came up with for them:

2013-08-21 18.08.54


It’s the two of them shopping at the mall.  This was my first time making figures with fondant………..I just don’t know how people get them looking all perfect and smooth!  It really is hard!  As they were drying and getting hard they started drooping, their heads and torsos slumped forward and to the sides……quite the challenge I’ll tell you!

In the background is a coffee shop:

2013-08-21 18.08.47


And a clothing store:

2013-08-21 22.02.15


My boys made the shopping bags, love my little helpers!

And the last one a cake I just made last week for a new friend and the new school (yes, she just started high school!!…..part of me wants to cry!) :



My daughter asked me to make an elephant cake because her friend loves them.  I didn’t want to attempt anything too difficult, like making it the shape of and elephant.  So I went with simple and cute.

I know that my cakes do not look professionally made.  i look at the beautiful cakes the cake artist make and they are just out of this world!  Mine do not compare, and I don’t even care!  Actually I kind of like that they look home-made.  I love baking and it’s fun to come up with ideas of new cakes.  And I like to keep it that way, a fun and relaxing hobby.  All I really care about is that they taste good and that my kids are happy with them.  And they always are happy and they encourage me and my boys like to help 🙂

Well, that’s it for now, I hope you have all been getting lots of knitting done and that I’ll find time to get my needles clicking!

Knit Away!




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  1. November 4, 2013 12:54 pm


  2. November 4, 2013 1:09 pm

    To me they look professional! Love the tacos.

  3. November 6, 2013 8:00 am

    The hoodie cake is my favourite. They all look ace!

  4. November 6, 2013 5:07 pm

    What some beautiful decorations. Actually I like the way you are doing, not too professional, as they really bring out the concept that these cakes are for children who likes to play with cartoon characters and everything. My favorite is the elephant cake, You are really creative. How did you learn all these? Do you have to do all these while growing up? Do women in Iceland have to do all these or learn all these while growing up? I want to learn more as me being a woman, I am always looking into how girls are brought up in various cultures and what are expected of women, etc. Thanks.

    • November 18, 2013 11:24 am

      Thank you KL! I just wanted to start making my kids’ cakes so I looked through books and on the internet and bought the basics and………made cakes. I have fun with it and love to experiment. So no, I did not have to learn as I grew up, only the required cooking classes in elementary school. We were also taught to knit and sew and we took carpentry classes. All this for both the boys and girls.

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