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November 26, 2012

Because I am so super (not) disciplined and (dis) organized, I did not post my pictures for last weeks photo exercise, even though I had went out and took the pictures and uploaded them to my computer.  I got caught up in my kids, them being off from school for a few extra days due to Thanksgiving.  I did have a lot of fun with them and we stayed busy…….but here is the exercise:

Pick an object and take pictures of it from different angles, do close-ups and move further away.

I took my son for a walk to one of the lovely parks we have here on the island, it is not that big but it has: a lake so we saw a lot of birds, it has lots of trees, a little (oh so adorable) brick house, a little play ground, and ton of space to run through and explore.  In other words: it has everything we needed for a few hours of fun:)

This is one of the trees that got knocked down (roots and all) by Hurricane Sandy.  It looked so magical to me, this giant thing that would normally tower over me, didn’t.  We had the opportunity to see it from a new angle, to get a view at something we usually wouldn’t, like the roots.  My little guy got to climb it all the way to the top, you don’t always get the change to do that, specially when you’re ”only” 3:)

My son and I were automatically drawn to this tree, it has a great and irresistible presence.  I hope it will still be there next time we go to this park.

Love the look on his face on the last one…..had to include it just because of that.

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  1. November 27, 2012 4:07 am

    il est très beau ton fils de belles photos

  2. November 27, 2012 6:58 am

    fallegar myndir, fallegir þessir brúnu tónar á fyrstu myndunum og skemmtileg þessi með tölustöfunum á trénu – náttúran er svo mögnuð – myndirnar eru auðvitað allar skemmtilegar og sú síðasta alveg sérstaklega 😉 Ef maður bara væri einsog þessi börn: sæt á öllum myndum, alveg sama hvaða svip þau setja upp…

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