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Word of the week

November 14, 2012

So the word Kristín ,at Knitting Owls, and I picked for this week was ROUND.

This was my thought process at first:

round, circle, circle of life, circle  of life like an animal eating another animal: bird picking a worm or lion chasing a……what ever they eat, well I’m not going to get a picture of no lion and I don´t have a lens that will zoom enough for me to get a good picture of a bird eating anything.  So circle of life is out of the question.

So off I went to look for something round to take pictures of.

Well, we also decided to pick a technique that we had to incorporate into the photos.  This week we are framing, that is, using something to frame an item we took pictures of to put the focus on that specific thing.

We could use the word and the technique together to inspire a photo or separately, what ever got our imagination going:)

I took my son with me and we went for a short walk through our neighborhood looking for something.  I told him what the plan was, what I was looking for and he was very quick to point out round things.  For example an old gum stain on the side-walk that had a round shape.  And then all we needed, he said, was to find some branches to put around the stain and: voila, we´d have a framed round shape to take a picture of and he could go home to play his video game.

So we kept walking and I saw this cute little bird house hanging in a tree:

It wasn´t a circle nor did it have anything around it that would frame it.  Before I went out I had an idea of my son holding his hands together in some way, then I would take the picture of the item through his hands.  When I saw the bird house I knew that´s just what I would do.

Something round(ish):

And the last one, round and framed:

Having a theme to guide me through the process of taking a photo is an interesting and fun approach to taking pictures, and certainly gets the imagination going.

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  1. November 15, 2012 6:48 pm

    mjög skemmtilegar myndir – sérstaklega þessi fyrsta af fuglahúsinu… mér finnst hún eitthvað svo ævintýraleg! 🙂 Þetta er svo sannarlega skemmtilegt!

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