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Happy B-day

February 1, 2011

To day would have been little Miss Minnie’s birthday.  She would have turned 3.  She passed away last winter, 4 days before x-mas.  We miss her so much.  I made cup cakes and the kids and I sat down and shared our memories of her.

She was the smallest in a litter of 7.  She was born with a cleft lip and palate.  She was not able to latch on like her sister and brothers so I had to help her and hold her up to her mother so she could get her milk.  I had the puppies and Bella, the mother, next to my bed so I woke up every time they were getting ready to feed.  It was like having a little baby again.  I loved all the puppies and it was extreamly hard to let them go, but I was attached to her.  I knew I couldn’t let her go, I used to call her my youngest.

I had so many cute pictures of the puppies but they got lost due to problems with my old computer……..  But here’s one of her and her brother who she always hung out with, they were best buddies.  He was about 4 times her size, it was so cute to see them together, napping and playing around.


We love you Minnie.

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