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October 31, 2010

This is Ramona, specially knitted for my ”little” Punk Rock Vampire to wear on Halloween.

  I have a few of those metal hooks that I took of worn out dog leashes.  At the time I didn’t know exactly what I would use them for but knew they would come in handy.

I attached one hook on each side and they work perfectly for this project.  I also like them just sorta hanging there when the cardigan is left open.

The sleeves are a little bit on the longer side, the way I often like them.  I added a thumb hole, just cause it’s cozy and good fit for this little jacked.

Dropped stitches here and there  on both the sleeves and body give it a worn and used look. 

Ramona is knit from the top down in  Manos del Uruguay that I happened to have.  I only had one black skein so I knit as much as I could using that and then went with the grey for the bottom

Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. mamma permalink
    November 1, 2010 6:25 am

    váaaaaaaaa hefur tekist vel með peysuna málningin flott íhaaaaaaa allt bara svo flott og fínt ég hefði nú bara orðið hálf hrædd ef ég hefði hitt hana einhversstaðar rrrrrrrrrrr

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