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Peace, Love & Happiness

September 9, 2010

5. on my daughter’s birthday-wish-list was peace, love and happiness.  I told her that’s just what I’d give her, here it is:


I began this cardigan earlier this year and set it a side for a while.  When I picked it up again my fingers itched to finish it.  I wanted to get it done before her birthday, and I barely just did!

The ladder pattern was very simple to knit and a lot of fun too.  The shape of the cardigan is classic with very little shaping, the pattern keeps it interesting and gives it a little something something.

When I had only one sleeve left to finish I thought I had run out of yarn and wouldn’t be able to finish in time.  Thankfully, after a frantic search, I found more, plenty more.

I knit a few rows of  garter stitch on the sleeves and around the neckline.  I wanted to keep everything simple and what’s simpler than garter stitch!

Garter stitch does so much for a garment, and yet it’s so simple and understated.


I used Kambgarn, love to knit with it and it always turns out beautiful.  The knitted fabric has a natural and subtle shine to it, so pretty.  I love the color too, my  mother picked it out for me………..thank you mom!

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  1. mamma permalink
    September 13, 2010 6:44 am

    ekkert að þakka maría litla mér fanst þetta svoooo fallegur litur fer jasmín líka mjög vel fara henni vel svona djúpir fylltir litir peysan er ofsalega falleg

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