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January 21, 2010

I finally did it!  I have wanted to write down my patterns and put them up for sale for such a long time.  And I just put my first pattern, Love-Link , on Ravelry.  I find it hard, staying home with 3 kids and dogs who all need me, to keep the goals I set for myself.  Just to find the time to do it….but I have, and I’m so happy about it!

I spent most of Saturday figuring out how to get my pattern up on Ravelry.  I just couldn´t get it to work properly. I looked all around Ravelry for help, tried what was suggested to me, but nothing.  Some how, I don´t know what I did different if anything, it all magically worked out in the end, and voila: I had my first pattern for sale!


Love-Link is a mitten for two, made from 100 % wool, so warm and cozy.  I got the idea when I decided to make a mitten for two for my parents.  Some how I just felt it had to be heart-shaped, I mean, of course!!

And now, a couple of months later, I have the pattern written up……..hey, things take time when you´ve got a full plate!;)

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