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Three little buddies

June 1, 2009

Here they are,


the 3 little friends I made for the little one.  They all sit quietly next to his bed and wait for him to be old enough to play.  I think they are quite exited and finding it hard to sit around and wait, but before they know it they will be dragged around on their ears and arms…….


Here is Chubby Bunny by Susan B. Anderson.


I used another yarn than the pattern called for, and I made him striped instead of one color.  I also added some light blue on the insides of his ears by using long stitch.  I didn´t make him a scarf,  I wanted his little turtleneck to show.  Other than that I think I followed the pattern for the most part.

Here he is again,


he is quite out going and a bit of a show off.


Here is Rabbid by Debbie Bliss (Nursery Knits).


I used another yarn than called for in this pattern, other than that I followed it.  I made his shirt different, it´s a little wrap-around tied at one side, I just thought it would be a little cozier……and that color matches his eyes perfectly too!



Here is Elefante, also a pattern by Susan B. Anderson.


I saw him on Ravelry and thought he was the cutes knitted elephant I had seen, so adorable!  I just had to make him for the little one.  I followed the pattern except for the ears, I knit them instead of crocheting them.  I knit a circle that I folded in halve and crochet  togeather before stitching them on his head.  I also made his tail a little different, I thread a few strings of the yarn through his backside, twisted it and then folded it in half and tied a knot (instead of making an i-cord).

This is my favorite photo of him:


I just love how he looks from behind, so darn adorable!


And here they are, the 3 buddies waving good-bye….


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  1. Anna permalink
    June 5, 2009 12:39 pm

    Verð að panta svona hjá þér ,er bara flott hjá þér……………þú ættir að selja þessi dýr…..Anna frænka

  2. July 18, 2009 6:47 pm

    ó…mæ…god..hvað þau eru krúttleg! Litli kall verður þvílíkt ánægður með þessa litlu vini 🙂

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