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Hólí Smók!

April 24, 2008

It´s been a while, time flies when you´re having fun! 😉 I have been knitting.  Nothing crazy though.  Started a sweater for my son, didn´t finish it…….too warm for it now anyhow…..I´ll finish this summer and he can wear it in the fall.  I did some dog sweaters, trying a new design, wasn´t happy with it……somehow the yarn just didn´t fit that design……but I´ll keep trying!

Right now I´m doing a few hats that I am going to give to All We Knit is Love.  I’m using a pattern that I used making a hat for my daughter last fall.  It´s been a while since I have followed a pattern, it´s mindless and simple, but at the same time it feels creative.  It´s exactly what I need at the moment. 

I am using the pattern I used for this hat (designed by me and my daughter) to make the hats I´m working on at the moment


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  1. Anna permalink
    January 20, 2009 9:23 am

    Flott eins og allar húfurnar(all the hats) og fyrirsæturnar báðar allar ekkert smá fallegt fólk…………………


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