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Back into the swing of things???

January 7, 2008

p1060877.jpgNew New year, new beginnings….or perhaps, continuing what I started a while ago and never stuck to!?  That´s it! (talking about this dear blog of mine…..)

I might as well write all my deepest and darkest secrets on here, don´t think anybody is reading anyway!  HAHA!  But I won´t, ’cause I don´t have any deep dark secrets…………;)

So, to the knitting.  I have been knitting like crazy ( You drive me crazy… that song!).  I am working on a project with my friend Oddvar from back home.  He is an awesome creature, I luv him a whole lot!  He asked me to make a few sweaters for him to use in his photography project.  I am almost done….just a little bit left and then putting the ends away and washing them, which is always fun!

The idea was to not buy any yarn for this project, and I do not have a stash of yarn stashed around the house.  At least not untouched balls and skeins, pretty much all I have is just left overs.  So I took apart a couple of old sweaters I had laying around.  And then I used some left over Lopi…..that one is a one big STRIPE.  I´m finishing the last two now, hopefully done by the end of this week.  I don´t want to post any photos as of now…..they´re a bit of a secret for now ( I´m a little bit country, I´m a little bit rock´n roll)

Then it´s just been the usual, knit for the kids and the dogs.  I gave my 2 precious cutie pa tutie dogs a hoodie each, and they came in handy….it´s been freezing over here.  (that was their Christmas present)

My daughter helped me design a hat for her.  She knew how she wanted it shaped and drew the picture (sketch is a fancier word for it I guess).  Then she wanted a vine rapped around with leafs on it.  She loves her hat, and the mittens I made to go with it.  Then my son asked for the same kind of mittens.  He thought they were so incredible cool…….they have a opening so you can stick your fingers out……he said he really needed that kind.  So that´s what I will be doing next……..and a hat like my daughters for my friends daughter ( who informed me that she had never had a hat like that, which translates to: I want one…..pretty please)  And I really want to make her one too, I love when kids want me to knit for them…..just makes it all seam more worth while doesn´t it!

A friend of mine used to tell me how she would love to be able to knit or crochet.  She had bought some needles and books a few years back and started, but never stuck with it.  She finally picked up her hook again and she can´t stop!  It´s one finished object after another.  We try to have a knitfast (knit while eating breakfast) once a week……not that I knit fast during that time….


This is D.J. in pink, my model is a little too slim for the sweater…….or the sweater a little too big for the model….. which ever way you prefer to look at it.  (D.J. in black is up top)

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  1. Anna permalink
    January 20, 2009 9:26 am

    Bæði tessar peysur og líka hinar sem ég hef séð hjá þér á hundana eru svo mikklu flottari en hægt er að kaua í búð ,svo

    kool……. kool
    Anna frænka

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