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December 9, 2013

I love watching movies with hand knit costumes!  The only problem, I tend to focus way more on the knits than the movie….but that’s not really a big problem in the grand scheme of things. Last week we took the kids to see Frozen (didn’t love it, tired of the: I am just a girl and I need to be saved by a charming prince (though he wasn’t a prince in this case) with broad shoulders and… get the picture……theme (and you have to sing this as you read it…sounds much better that way))

Anyway, so we saw the movie and one of the main characters was wearing beautiful mittens (hand knit, I’m sure of it!).  I couldn’t take my mind of them and want to make a pair for myself, hopefully I find the time before winter is over!  The picture of them isn’t that great, but I’m sure those of you who saw the movie didn’t miss them!

And then there is The Hunger Games, oh my, I want one of these:


What a gorgeous, GORGEOUS piece of….I don’t know, cowl?  LOVE IT!  I love this close up of the fabric:

Am wondering how to replicate something like that, it looks so interesting and solid…

And then there is the scarf, not the greatest pictures but the only one I could find.  Again, another……..simple doesn’t quite describe it….I’d say raw, raw knit……’s beautiful and so unpretentious.

There was one more thing I saw and fell in love with but I couldn’t find a picture of it online.  It was a dress of some sort that she slept in that night they showed her waking up from a bad dream…….I so wish I had found a picture of it, it was beautiful!

A dream of mine would be to design and knit for movie characters, it must be one of the best jobs to have!

These are just the most resent movies where I noticed beautiful knits, there are so many!

Until next time,

Knit Away!

Oh Christmas!! I LOVE you!

December 6, 2013

My favorite time of year is here and I’m so excited! I love fall when it begins to get cold, putting on layers of clothes and drinking hot chocolate! We already decorated the house; the lights, the ornaments, the tree, lighting candles…………it’s all so cozy I just cannot get over it!  My only complaint? Well, it started warming up again, it’s sweater weather, and I don’t like it!  I want it to be cold, and the ground frozen and to be able to wear hats and thick coats with out melting!  I want WINTER!!  Just please don’t let the sun out on Christmas…I will be so disappointed!

It was nice and cold in November and I used the opportunity to take a walk to the park and get some pictures of a couple of hats I knit.  They are Christmas hats and I love them 🙂


It’s knit in lopi light, held double.  Just a basic hat, some cables, a few short rows worked in the back for  it slouch a bit.  It’s warm and it has a gigantic Poinsettia on top……….in case you missed it!


The flower is also knit in lopi light, but not held double as in the hat itself.  This hat is so over the top that I’m in love with it!

Another one, less extravagant, but also knit in lopi light:


Also a simple construction, single rib and stocking stitch.  I like the pointy tip on top and am tempted to add a little bell to it, it would certainly make it jingle……and who doesn’t want to jingle in December?!  A holly n’ berries knit separately and sewn on, add a little holiday cher!


And the last one, not a hat but a cowl:


Yes, it’s a Christmas present…….wrapped with a ribbon and a name tag……….I thought it was a cute idea:)


This one is knit with Kambgarn, and because I wanted to use larger needles and for it to be a quicker knit I held the yarn double.

And one more picture with the hood (I guess it kinda is a hood….) down:


That’s it for now.  I am finishing a scarf, hope to be done with it tonight and I’m hoping to have the time to start that sweater I mentioned before……I would love to get it done before Christmas and wrap it up………know just who to give it to…..:)

Knit Away!

One Sophisticated Baby Boy

December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving day I began knitting the Baby Sophisticate pattern, took a break for a few days and then finished on Sunday.  It only took a few hours to knit, such a simple little thing!  I used lett lopi (lopi light)…..because I have plenty of it and because I just love that particular yarn

This is how much I got done on the first day:


That’s how quick this thing knits up!  Love it!  Now, it does not look like much on that picture, but wait til you see the next one……….now that is one sophisticated baby cardigan!


…………that collar just did it for me.  I am so in love with these type of collars, I want  one for myself……I can see it in my near future, something soft and cuddly and cozy with that kind of collar……… will happen!  Sara from the  SaraCrafts blog pointed this cardigan out to me, and as soon  as I saw it I knew I would want pockets on it.  Then she took it a step further and mentioned  elbow pathces…………and that was it, I knew I had to make it!

As for the buttons, as soon as I began knitting it I started picturing what kind would be perfect, and lucky me………I found them on my first button hunting expedition!


Only “problem” was, there were only 3 left and I had already made 4 button holes as the pattern called for.  It was so stuck in my head that there had to be 4…………until Jasmin (who was with me) asked why I didn’t just put 3, ” what’s the big deal?  It will look fine mom” (thinking back though, she might just have been tired of hanging around the button aisle with me….).  And a light bulb went on and I realized I could just sew the bottom button-hole closed……..o god, I am so brilliant sometimes! 🙂

I was really set on these exact buttons, there were no other that I loved as much, so I had to have them.  And I’m glad I didn’t settle with something I wouldn’t be happy with, even though there would have been 4 of them…………better fewer and love them than more I am not that crazy about.

The inside of the pockets are knit with the same brown I used for the elbow patches, I just thought it would make it a little fun………

This is size 6-12 months, I used the free pattern and thought it was excellent!  I plan to go  on Ravelry to check out all the other cardigans made from this pattern, just to see how it looks in different colors and to see if any more interesting modifications have been done.

In other knitting news, I finished up a few hats that I already have photos of and will blog about soon.  Also, I’m going through my yarn for another sweater pattern I am very excited about starting…..cannot wait to start knitting!

Until next time,

Knit Away!

Bow Ties

November 27, 2013

For a long time I have wanted to knit a tie or a bow tie, especially for my boys, but never made the time for it.  I happen to think that they look very cool!  But I’m sure there are many who do not agree with me on that…..

My friend was looking for a bow tie to go with a shirt she picked out for her 6 month old baby boy and I offered to knit him one……..she was not as excited about it as I was, thought maybe it would look a little lame.  So, really wanting to knit one, I told her I would and that she could then decide for herself……..and that I would not be the least bit offended if she choice not to have him wear it………..I might never knit anything for her son again though!………….just kidding.  But here’s the itty bitty bow tie:


I find it completely adorable!  I used left over baby wool that’s been in my possession for years, it’s not the blackest black but works well with the shirt, in my humble opinion.  This was a very simple knit, the bow is made up of 3 pieces that were then attached together.  I made a string to go around the neck under the collar, it’s buttoned in the back.  There are 4 button holes just so that it can be used as he (if she wants to use it that is) grows bigger, and I attached two buttons just to make it nice and secure.

Well, now I just have to see if it’s approved my the mommy and send it off if it is……cross my fingers cause I really think it’s cute……

Until next time,

Knit Away!


November 21, 2013

Earlier this month I won a copy of Hitch by leaving a comment on the Peacefullyknitting blog!  I couldn’t believe it!  I never, ever win anything, I’m not just saying that, I never do……well except for that time I won apple cider by playing some music game with a bunch of strangers at an apple farm up state NY years ago………..and, I also won about $3 dollars playing lotto the very first time I ever bought a ticket (I was 10, so it’s a while ago).  Ok, so I have sometimes won something….but winning a copy of the book made me feel extra specially special, it put a big smile on my face 🙂

There are so many interesting patterns in the book, one that keeps catching my eye is the Stella Gloves.  They are just so cute, and I also think it’s the colors that appeal to me.  Lately I’ve been so into red……it’s that time of year I think, I get a little Christmas crazy every fall:)

Again, thank you so much for the copy!  It really made my day:)  Now it’s just to hoping I’ll find time to make those pretty little gloves!

Knit Away!


Knits for babies

November 21, 2013

Knitting for babies is rewarding on so many levels.  There is just something about seeing a little one in something hand-made that so much love and care has been put into.  I knit for all my kids while I was pregnant with them and it gave me so much.  To knit for this unborn child that I could feel growing inside me, kicking me!  To never have seen them (sonograms do not count!) and yet feel so much love, what better than to knit them something to connect with them even more.  Awwww, all these memories are coming back to me now.

Of course I still knit for them, but it’s different, still rewarding and lovely.  But now they are these established beings with their own ideas of what to wear, they’ll come to me and ask me for something specific, it’s beautiful!

Now that I am done having babies I got so excited when one of my best friends had a child earlier this year.  I did show pictures of the two sweaters and the hat I made him but now that I have pictures of him wearing them, I really wanted to show you……he is just so precious!



Those eyes and those cheeks!  Too cute, I can’t take it!  He’s just over three months when this one was taken and on the next picture he was just over one month old:




This beautiful boy just turned 6 months the other day, so both those sweaters are too small for him, I think he still fits the hat thought.  But it’s time, I have to knit him something else, the fact that he is not wearing anything made by me does not sit well with me.  I have never met him in person, only through skype, and it really saddens me.  To get to hold him and kiss those cheeks is something I wish I could do when ever I felt like it!  But since I can’t, knitting him something will have to do show my love for him.

The question is what?  I don’t want it to be anything too baby-is, he is such a little gentleman and needs something that will fit him just right.  Any suggestions of great patterns for little men would be appreciated!  Until next time,

Knit Away!

My very own Lopi Sweater!

November 20, 2013

……and when I finally finished it (many many many years after starting it) my daughter has grown enough to fit in it!  How about that!  So, we are going to share this one, so far that has worked out fine, but I plan to make more… of these years.


When I picked this sweater up again, more like dug it out of my closet where I had stuffed it years before, I thought there was a lot more work to be done.   I was so happy when I realized that all that was left to do was sew the button borders to the opening……well, cutting up the middle first…….scary!  But I had already sewn up the front before I stuffed it away, I cannot for the life of me understand why I didn’t finish it back then.  Maybe I was too chicken to actually do the cutting?  I can’t remember but it has to be either that or I got too excited about knitting my kids lopi sweaters and then just forgot about mine.  Well, so I cut, I sewed the borders on, I finished the underarm holes and with my daughter’s help I picked out buttons and planted them in their place……then it was off to the park to get some pictures.


Since it’s been a while since I cast on for this one I cannot remember what size it is.  It’s rather big but I like it, and my daughter is very much into large (the bigger the better) sweaters these days so this one is perfect fer her.  When I make me another one I would want it smaller though, more fitted, just so that it would work better under a coat.  This one is too big to fit comfortably under anything.


My aunt gave me the yarn when she came to visit us for the first time here in NYC, I LOVE the color combination she chose.  That dark green is so wearable and earthy and so me.  Having my very own lopi sweater feels so special to me.  In the past I have knit quite a few of these, but never one that  I could wear.  As a young teen, I believe I was 13, I knit up the first lopi sweater.  It was for a little boy I used to babysit, I think it was his Christmas present from me that year.  If I remember right he was about two at the time so it wasn’t that big, it was in blue and white I think and not the button up kind.   I wish I had a picture of it!

Right now I have a hat on my needles, just finished knitting up one a couple of days ago, hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share in my next post.  Until then,

Knit Away!

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